Thursday, January 31, 2008

Speed Racer Lego Pics Online

Speed Racer Lego Pics Online
Y'know, for kids
Source: Collider
Speed Racer Lego Pics Online

With the way Lego are going, there will one day be sets based on Citizen Kane and Society. But that day is not yet here. However, we do now have the joy of Speed Racer Lego. The brick company is planning to release four sets to coincide with the release of the Wachowski's movie. You can click any of the images below for a better look. Thanks to Collider who had the first pics of these.

We don't love this as much as the Indiana Jones sets that have just been released and which we'll be running a hands on test report of on Monday (I have to write it now that I've said that), but these are undoubtedly pretty nifty. The cars are well done and there's a monkey, so it's all good.

Obviously, we're far too grown up to be playing with Lego. But, if we weren't, you might be hearing 'vrrrooooooom' noises coming from our office. But you won't, because we're mature.

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