Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mandy From Hollyoaks Is Harley Quinn?!

Mandy From Hollyoaks Is Harley Quinn?!
Craziest Dark Knight rumour ever
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Mandy From Hollyoaks Is Harley Quinn?!

Now, to be clear up front, we don't know that this is 100% true as we haven't had it confirmed by Warner Bros. But the fact that her own management are listing it on their website suggests that it's based in fact. Anyway, it would seem that it's possible both that Harley Quinn, bag-of-snakes-crazy squeeze of The Joker, is appearing in The Dark Knight and that she's being played by Mandy from Hollyoaks, aka Sarah Jayne Dunn.

It was rumoured a while ago that Dunn might be playing the part (honestly, that rumour completely passed us by), but now the part has appeared on her CV on the website of her managers RDF. See it here.

The website seems legit and they'd surely be in a position to know, but this is just too weird for us to believe. Plus, Christopher Nolan has denied the character is in the movie, way back when people were saying Sarah Michelle Gellar had won the role. Can this be true?

You just don't go from Sunday morning hangover TV to the biggest movie of the summer. That's mental. If Dunn has landed the part, then good on her, and we expect Tony is feeling pretty silly for letting her leave him and run away to big London after their family tragedy. Not that we watch Hollyoaks or anything. We're just guessing...Shut up.

Source: EmpireOnline

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