Thursday, February 28, 2008

Step Brothers Trailer Online

Step Brothers Trailer Online
Ferrell and Reilly become family
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Step Brothers Trailer Online

The trailer for Step Brothers, starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, is online now here (watch the hi-res versions to avoid blurriness).And while it looks like neither of them is particularly stretching themselves, it's not bad at all

On this evidence, the two are suffering from arrested development and stuck in their teens when their parents marry and they're forced to live together. After some initial friction, they decide to be best friends - but are faced with the horrendous prospect of getting jobs and leaving the nest, some 30 years after they might be expected to.

The sharp eyed will notice some peculiar casting here - Mary Steenburgen plays the mother of Will Ferrell's Brennan, but must have been a teen mum since she's only 14 years older than him. Still, there are a couple of funny gags, Anchorman's Adam McKay is directing and who doesn't love to see adults getting beaten up by a crowd of child bullies? Not everyone? Oh, OK. Forget we said anything, move along.

The film isn't out until September 5 here - so can you wait, or are you psyched?

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