Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dolph Lundgren Is Back, Baby!

Dolph Lundgren Is Back, Baby!
Directing Command Performance
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Dolph Lundgren Is Back, Baby!

We can't believe we missed this earlier – we blame Friday – but Dolph Lundgren is making the best film ever. Ivan Drago will direct and star in (can you still call Lundgren a star?) Command Performance.

Lundgren, who is currently polishing off another directing effort called Missionary Man, describes the film as "Die Hard at a rock concert" (we just weed a little), with a story that follows a band supporting a big American performer giving a concert for a Russian premier. Then, awesomely, bad guys stop the show. More awesomely, the drummer in the band is an ex-Marine and, yes, Dolph Lundgren. Saving the day ensues.

Lundgren says that the idea came from Madonna (?!). He will also do all his drumming, because he used to play as a child.

We're going to have to go and lie down for a while because there's nothing in this whole story that isn't absolutely amazing. Really, anyone else making films should just give up now, because we've got a winner right here.

Source: EmpireOnline

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