Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Dark Knight Trailer Online Sunday

New Dark Knight Trailer Online Sunday
Yes, sorry, the wait's a bit longer
New Dark Knight Trailer Online Sunday

Good news: The new Dark Knight trailer is very, very good. Bad news: You have to wait until Sunday to see it (officially).

As many of you will know, last night a global treasure hunt was held that led those who took part to cinemas where the new Dark Knight trailer was shown. We followed the trail of the London one and while there's not a huge amount to report 'from the ground', the sight of tens of Batman fans with faces painted in Joker slap was a bizarre one – if rendered less frightening than it might have been by the giddy grins of the dashing throngs – and the screening took place at Odeon Leicester Square. One fan was, slightly bizarrely, given the trailer film reel once the screen had faded to black. What he's supposed to do with this, we don't know. Are Warner Bros stealthily encouraging people to get the trailer on the web? Poor quality bootlegs are already showing up.

Unfortunately for those who weren't able to take part, the trailer won't be released officially until Sunday. It'll be at this site then. The delayed release seems to have been greeted with some displeasure by fans and is the one mis-step so far in this incredibly slick campaign.

Last night's treasure hunt required some fans to stay by their computers to relay clues to those running around town. Those who did that part of the task were rewarded with an extra five days of their friends bragging about seeing the trailer early. The expected release of the trailer once all the treasure hunts were over, which happened by the early hours of this morning, might have been a more popular solution and kinder on those who did half the work.

So, sorry, there are still a few more days until you can see the trailer in the kind of quality you would want. But what you see will be worth it. To describe it fully would spoil your enjoyment, but this is, again, all about The Joker, with Harvey Dent being brought in gradually and judiciously, and the Clown Prince of Crime is looking very bad in a very, very good way.

Source: EmpireOnline

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