Saturday, May 31, 2008

Halle Berry is a Malibu Mommy

Halle Berry is a Malibu Mommy

It’s a girl’s day out for new mom Halle Berry and a bunch of her older female friends on Friday in Malibu, Calif.

The ladies lesurely took their time shopping at Madison and Planet Blue on Cross Creek Road.

Halle, 41, happily signs autographs for fans while on the move.

Ms. Berry toted around the $399 Gerard Darel Dublin 24 Hour Bag in Havana, as worn by Angelina Jolie back in October.

35+ pictures inside of Malibu mommy Halle Berry

Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-01
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-02
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-03
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-04
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-05
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-06
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-07
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-08
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-09
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-10
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-11
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-12
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-13
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-14
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-15
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-16
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-17
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-18
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-19
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-20
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-21
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-22
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-23
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-24
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-25
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-26
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-27
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-28
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-29
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-30
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-31
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-32
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-33
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-34
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-35
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-36
Berry-malibu halle-berry-malibu-37

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