Thursday, September 25, 2008

Liam Neeson Talks Taken

Liam Neeson Talks Taken
The big man hits the red carpet
Liam Neeson Talks Taken

Proving that age is no barrier to kicking ass and taking names, Liam Neeson popped into London on Wednesday night for the premiere of his new action flick, Taken.

“I love the fact that this guy is described as being in his 40s rather than some guy who’s like, ‘He’s 27, he’s cut, he’s in the gym every day’,” says the Irish actor of his character Bryan Mills. “It was like, this is a real guy you know.”

Neeson plays an ex-secret service man (a “Preventer” in his own words), who embarks on a brutal and violent hunt to track down his daughter after she gets kidnapped in Paris.

“He’s given up his trade to be close to her to make up for times gone by,” says Neeson. “So he’s an obsessed dad.”

The role gives Neeson a chance to take on the hard man mantle but how does he think his character would fare against the granddaddy of action stars?

“Bryan versus Bond? Well Bond would have all the gadgets but I’d have the dirty tactics.”


Taken is released in the UK on Friday.

Source: EmpireOnline

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