Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hilary Duff is a Byron & Tracey Babe

Hilary Duff is a Byron & Tracey Babe

Hilary Duff is a Byron & Tracey Babe

Hilary Duff gets some new wavy locks after getting her hair done at salon to the stars, Byron and Tracey salon, on Friday (February 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Looks like the Duffster got her hair colored too. A bit darker — I like it!

The 21-year-old singer/actress wore fun pair of boots with lacing around the entire boot. Hil also toted around a black Hermes Birkin bag.

10+ pictures inside of Byron & Tracey babe Hilary Duff

Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-01
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-02
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-03
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-04
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-05
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-06
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-07
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-08
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-09
Duff-byron hilary-duff-byron-and-tracey-salon-10

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Ellen Pompeo: Barney’s Beauty

Ellen Pompeo: Barney’s Beauty

Ellen Pompeo: Barney’s Beauty

Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery wait for their car outside Barney’s New York on Friday (February 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.
The 39-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress toted around the stylish Givenchy “Sacca” chain handle bag in black.
EW reports Seattle Grace will be seeing more of Jessica Capshaw, the pediatric surgeon Dr. Arizona Robbins who has a crush on Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez).
10+ pictures inside of Barney’s beauty Ellen Pompeo

Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-01
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-02
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-03
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-04
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-05
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-06
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-07
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-08
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-09
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-10
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-11
Pompeo-barneys ellen-pompeo-barneys-12

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Tough Love For Drew Barrymore

Tough Love For Drew Barrymore

Tough Love For Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore wears a bandage around her left foot as she meets up with a friend at IO Film studio in Hollywood on Friday (February 27). Wonder how she injured herself!

The 34-year-old actress and her production company Flower Films recently produced a reality series called Tough Love, premiering Sunday, March 15 @ 10PM ET/PT on VH1.

On the show, eight women will sent to love lesson boot camp and learn about subjects ranging from jealousy to commitment. They’ll then go on a date with an elgiable bachelor picked by host Steve Ward.

“We at Flower Films are intrigued by the dissection of relationships, just like every other person on the planet,” said Drew. “We’re all trying to figure out how to make love function while continuing to better ourselves. This show is a fun way to do that.”

20+ pictures inside of Drew Barrymore’s tough love…

Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-01
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-02
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-03
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-04
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-05
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-06
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-07
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-08
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-09
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-10
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-11
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-12
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-13
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-14
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-15
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-16
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-17
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-18
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-19
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-20
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-21
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-22

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Exclusive: Russell Crowe On Robin Hood

Exclusive: Russell Crowe On Robin Hood
And Bill Hicks, and more
Exclusive: Russell Crowe On Robin Hood

In the latest issue of Empire, now on shelves, our Big Interview is with Russell Crowe, star of the (really rather good) film version of State of Play and all-round acting titan. While we had him, though, we decided to ask a bit about upcoming projects, and here's a little of what he had to say. First up, the formerly Nottingham and probably currently titled Robin Hood

"The challenge is to make a great film. There's no point in making the second-best Robin Hood movie. If we are going to do it, we have to do it with the thought in mind that we've got the chance of making the best Robin Hood movie ever. Doing a Robin Hood movie is a childhood dream; doing a bad Robin Hood movie - that doesn't come into the dream. It's got to be fully realised and really worth the effort - as we sit and talk it's been 18 months of effort, and that's the sort of stuff that people don't see or quantify."

He also said that his archery is coming along, which is comforting. But then there's his hoped-for biopic of Bill Hicks - truth or myth?

"It's a labour of love. it's been a couple of years so far, just discussing all the different possibilities and working on a script. Because you could approach it and just do a straightforward biopic, but that doesn't respect who he is and what he had to say. There's a very different theory that Bill Hicks was in fact a prophet, and that the things he said 20 years ago are still relevant now. Like he said, 'Don't vote in George Bush Sr because there are a whole lot of Bushes in Texas...' You can go through the stuff he was saying then and it's actually shocking, because it's like he was talking yesterday."

Empire Terminator Salvation Cover

Click cover for more details on this month's issue

He also said that he was open to the idea of playing Captain Jack Aubrey again should a Master and Commander sequel ever get off the ground - for the full interview, pick up this month's Empire for the full interview.

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