Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tough Love For Drew Barrymore

Tough Love For Drew Barrymore

Tough Love For Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore wears a bandage around her left foot as she meets up with a friend at IO Film studio in Hollywood on Friday (February 27). Wonder how she injured herself!

The 34-year-old actress and her production company Flower Films recently produced a reality series called Tough Love, premiering Sunday, March 15 @ 10PM ET/PT on VH1.

On the show, eight women will sent to love lesson boot camp and learn about subjects ranging from jealousy to commitment. They’ll then go on a date with an elgiable bachelor picked by host Steve Ward.

“We at Flower Films are intrigued by the dissection of relationships, just like every other person on the planet,” said Drew. “We’re all trying to figure out how to make love function while continuing to better ourselves. This show is a fun way to do that.”

20+ pictures inside of Drew Barrymore’s tough love…

Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-01
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-02
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-03
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-04
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-05
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-06
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-07
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-08
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-09
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-10
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-11
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-12
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-13
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-14
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-15
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-16
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-17
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-18
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-19
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-20
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-21
Barrymore-tough drew-barrymore-tough-love-22

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