Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zac Efron is on Cruise Control

Zac Efron is on Cruise Control

Zac Efron is on Cruise Control

Zac Efron covers up in a beanie and hoodie as he and his entourage hop onto a ferry back to their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday afternoon (March 11).

The 21-year-old actor had high-tailed it from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday night (green hoodie).

Zac is in town to premiere his new flick, 17 Again. Check back later today for pics! For more info on the comedy, visit

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron in cruise control…

Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-01
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-02
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-03
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-04
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-05
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-06
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-07
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-08
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-09
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-10
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-11
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-12
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-13
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-14
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-15
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-16
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-17
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-18
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-19
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-20
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-21
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-22
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-23
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-24
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-25
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-26
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-27
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-28
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-29
Zac-cruise zac-efron-cruise-control-30

Source: Just Jared

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