Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exclusive: New Expendables Shot

Exclusive: New Expendables Shot
See Rourke tattooing Stallone
Exclusive: New Expendables Shot

Feeling less than totally manly? Worried that your testosterone level may have fallen below 99.9% body mass? Well, worry no more, because here to boost your levels of sheer unadulterated he-ness is a new pictures from The Expendables, featuring not just Sylvester Stallone but also Mickey Rourke.

Yes, the two muscly monsters are caught here in what we're saying is one of the quieter moments in the film (well, there aren't any visible explosions happening, which we're guessing is as quiet as it gets), as Rourke's arms dealer and part-time tattooist Tool inks Stallone's Barney Ross with the skull and raven tattoo we've already seen on posters.

The Expendables is out in April 2010, but to find out more in the meantime pick up the new copy of Empire magazine.

Source: EmpireOnline

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