Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Parents Connect- Widget Install and Blog Post


Want to know what's going on in your area? I just added the local activities widget from ParentsConnect.com. You can add it too, either from my sidebar, or from the Yovia page here. Either way, don't forget to go back to the Yovia site and leave your name, email and your blog's URL so you can enter to win the $1000 prize for the blog with the most widget visits! Adding the widget is free and it’s very easy to install. You can just choose to add it automatically to more major blogging platforms, like Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad, or add it to your social networking profile on Facebook. Or you can the widget as code so you can put it on your custom site (or if you don’t feel comfortable logging in to your blog or profile through a third-party application).

This new widget from Parents Connect offers local, family-friends activities in your area. It finds by zip code, which makes it good for finding kid-friendly activities and events close to home, or you can also use it to find things to do and see near Grandma’s house. You can try it out now and see what’s going on near you!


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