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Friday, September 4, 2009

Colin Hanks Gets Lucky

Colin Hanks Gets Lucky
Joins cast of indie comedy
Source: Variety

Colin Hanks Gets Lucky

Colin Hanks, Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor, Grumpy Old Men's Ann-Margaret and Fringe's Ari Graynor have signed up to star in Lucky, a new indie comedy that starts shooting in Iowa next week. Yes, Iowa. See it's not all glamour being a movie star.
The film focuses on a "fledgling serial killer" (Hanks, we're guessing) who "wins the lottery and attempts to pursue his lifelong crush". We're guessing that's pursuing her with a bunch of roses rather than a steak knife, but only time will tell.
Gil Cates Jr. is directing, but the script was written by Saturday Night Live's Ken Sublette, so we're guessing it's black comedy rather than thriller-horror. Since we've always rather liked Hanks, we're looking forward to seeing him get the lead for once, so we'll be keeping an eye out for this.
Source: EmpireOnline

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