Monday, October 19, 2009

New Jennifer's Body Poster

New Jennifer's Body Poster
Exclusive: the UK quad is here.
New Jennifer's Body Poster

The new Jennifer's Body poster may be just the thing to brighten up a cloudy Monday, because it offers something for everyone. There's Megan Fox smiling, Adam Brody singing and Amanda Seyfried selflessly abandoning dignity to amuse us with the single worst hair-and-dress combo ever to grace the screen.

The film, as you all know by now, stars Megan Fox as a high school hottie who becomes possessed by a demon, and starts going through local boys at a rate of knots - and not just in the romantic sense. Amanda Seyfried plays her friend Needy, the only one who seems to realise that there's something seriously out of whack with Jennifer, and it's not just her bitchiness. Oh snap!

Jennifer's Body is out on November 4 here in the UK, with previews on Hallowe'en.

Source: EmpireOnline

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