Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Twilight New Moon Clip Online

New Twilight New Moon Clip Online
Two wolves go to war...
New Twilight New Moon Clip Online

As the candlelit vigil continues (somewhere, we suspect) in anticipation of the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, here's a tidbit to keep you going: a bunch of oiled and shirtless men turning into giant wolves. You know, as they do.

In this clip from New Moon, our heroine, Bella (Kristen Stewart) confronts the La Push gang that she believes has somehow stolen her friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Instead of talking things out reasonably with the nice shirtless young men, she resorts to an ill-judged slap across the face, prompting a fit of shape-changing and the appearance of a wolf the size of a pony. Can anyone save Bella? Well, maybe Jake-Abs can - if he has a wolfy secret of his own. Dur-dur-duuuuuuuurrrrr!

New Moon is out on November 20 here in the UK.

Source: EmpireOnline

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