Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Last Airbender Trailer Arrives

New Last Airbender Trailer Arrives
A longer promo for M Night's latest
Source: Yahoo Movies
New Last Airbender Trailer Arrives

We’ve had the teaser. We’ve watched the Superbowl TV spot. Now it’s the turn of the theatrical trailer to show off what M Night Shyamalan has done with his adaptation of cult kids’ toon Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So aside from lopping off the Avatar bit (can’t think there’d be any competition for the na…. Ooooh riiight), what does this latest promo bring us? More of the same. So if you loved the look of the film (it does appear to be sufficiently epic, with what look like some fun battles) and were eagerly anticipating this, chances are it’ll just add fuel to the fire. Or air to the… wind tunnel? Depends on who you root for in the Airbender world.

But if you were concerned we’re in for yet another “mystical child is the only hope to save a particular group of people with his amazing element-driven powers” tale, then it confirms that too.

The film, of course, is largely following the series’ plot, which sees Aang (Noah Ringer) realising his destiny as the remaining “Airbender” who is tasked with stopping the Fire Nation, represented by Dev Patel’s nasty Zuko, from taking over the Water, Earth and Air nations.

We’ll get our chance to see whether it translates in August, but for now you can see the trailer below or in HD at Yahoo! Movies.

Source: EmpireOnline

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