Friday, November 19, 2010

Superman Kicks Off Shooting In June

Superman Kicks Off Shooting In June
And they're looking for a new(ish) face
Source: Deadline
Superman Kicks Off Shooting In June

Greetings folks, and welcome to what we firmly predict will be the first of approximately 57 zillion stories about the casting process for Superman: Man Of Steel as Deadline has just brought word that Christopher Nolan, Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder have just hung the “Hero Wanted” sign outside the production offices for the new film.

We’re hoping that this won’t actually turn into a long, drawn-out period of rumours, suggestions, definite-no-really-we-heard-from-a-guy-who-heard-from-this-studio-caretaker “scoops” and other non-news, but given the recent history of superhero film development (hello, Captain America and Spider-Man), it seems all but inevitable.

Here’s what we do know for certain as of now. The focus on actors is on 18-32 year-old performers who are either unknowns or rising stars (sorry, Jon Hamm fans) without a lot of baggage and, more importantl,y minus the hefty price tag of established talents. Unlike with Christian Bale on Batman Begins, the studio’s looking for someone it can shape into star status with the iconic role as Clark Kent/Superman.

Deadline’s report also mentions a likely start date of next June, which would fit with Warners’ legal need to get moving on a film before 2012, which is when the family of co-creator Jerry Siegel can start to sue to get the rights back or win serious payments.

So as the casting call goes out, it’s our turn to ask – given the parameters above, which lesser-known actor do you want to see playing the Man of Steel? If we (and a certain someone who has employed him recently) had a choice, Mr Brandon Routh would get the job again.

Source: EmpireOnline

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