Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Madagascar's Penguins Get Film Spin-Off

Madagascar's Penguins Get Film Spin-Off
Megamind's writers at work on the script

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Madagascar's Penguins Get Film Spin-Off

They’ve been stealing scenes from the likes of Ben Stiller and Chris Rock ever since they waddled on to the screen in the first Madagascar outing, and now it looks like DreamWorks wants to go even further with the crack penguin commando unit, gearing them up to star in their own spin-off film.

Megamind writers Alan J Schoolcraft and Brent Simons have been tasked with bringing Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico to the big screen. It’s not really a surprise, since the feathered foursome have been winning fans and influencing people for ages and got their own short film, The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper, as part of the original movie’s DVD extras.

Plus, they’ve been appearing on the small screen for a couple of years now in their own cartoon show, which earns solid ratings across the pond.

There’s no word on what the characters will be getting up to, since the film hasn’t even been written yet, nor has a directing team been assigned. Which also means that it’s a few years away from hitting our screens. But we'd expect chaos...

Source: EmpireOnline

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