Tuesday, May 31, 2011

International Reel Steel Poster Arrives

International Reel Steel Poster Arrives
Get in the ring!

Source: Collider

International Reel Steel Poster Arrives

When the US teaser poster for robot boxing drama Real Steel landed last week, it wasn’t exactly the best example of a professionally produced promo shot ever. Fortunately, us international types get one that’s just a little bit better, and you can take a look below.

While the tagline – “Courage is stronger than steel” – has just the slightest whiff of cheese about it, at least the imagery conjures up a movie, rather than a cheaply produced SyFy Channel pic.

By way of a refresher, the film finds Hugh Jackman as boxer Charlie Kenton, a man struggling to make ends meet in a near-future America. While the sport he made his name in has been replaced by ro-bouts (robot bouts! Geddit?) thanks to the public’s increasing demand for savage fights, he’s tried to adapt by building, training and promoting mechanical fighters. But at his lowest ebb, he suddenly finds himself both forced to reconnect with the son he abandoned (Dakota Goyo) and a robot they pull from a junk pile who seems to have the spark needed to be a great fighter. Provided he doesn’t fall apart…

To see the full-size poster at Collider, click the image above.

Real Steel is out on October 7.

Source: EmpireOnline

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Home Inspector Expert said...

Probably better to judge something after you have seen it. Early word from people who have is that it is a good film. Certainly there is a lot of anticipation going for it.