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Red Tails Trailer Lands

Red Tails Trailer Lands
'To the last man... We fight!'

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The George Lucas-produced World War Two aerial combat pic Red Tails feels like it’s been on the way since shortly after the end of the war itself, but the first trailer has finally arrived and from the looks of the air action alone, it could really be something. Take a gander at the promo below.

With Anthony Hemingway calling the shots, Red Tails focuses on the Tuskegee Airmen (AKA the 322nd Fighter Group), who were the first African American pilots to complete training for an air force that was still bogged down in racist attitudes. Despite the fact that America’s bombers were being shot from the sky, they were denied the chance to fight until they were desperately needed. And fight they did!

Tails boasts a cast that includes Terrence Howard, Bryan Cranston (cast long before he was offered every role going) Michael B Jordan, Andre Royo, Ne-Yo, Method Man, David Oyelowo and Cuba Gooding Jr, who seems to flourish in the World War Two atmosphere (as Team America taught us, he was way better than Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor).

While a few elements here seem like typical World War Two clichés (the speeches, the soaring music), there’s no denying that the combat shots are stunning. Now we’re glad they took their time…

The trailer announces a US release of January 20 next year and while there’s no official UK date set yet, we’re hopeful we won’t have to wait too long after that to have the movie fly over here.

Source: EmpireOnline

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