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The game is something that can make a person’s brain and the mind becomes clearer, the game is a tool to relieve stress, due to many problems faced by all. Your chance to refresh your brain can use a site that we have provided you. sells all brands of paintball equipment that you can enjoy. You should know that paintball guns can also be called by the name of paintball marker; these tools can be used to mark opposing players with paint in a paintball game. Paintball has never used by forestry groups and farmers to mark trees and cattle. For the history and origin of paintball guns can be traced back to 1981. The first paintball gun, invented by James C. thing, which is commonly used by the forestry industry and not for paintball games. So, the first weapons designed specifically for playing paintball was created by Robert G. Shepherd in 1985.

With the discovery that the paintball guns to travel at high speeds. They use compressed gas to fire the paintball. Speed ??to force the ball from the barrel of close to 300 ft / s (100 m / s).Typically, a compressed gas used in paintball guns dioxide are carbon, nitrogen or normal air. It is stored in a tank fitted to a firearm.

Modern Paintball has four main components. This includes the body, tank, hopper, and barrel. The body is one of the main components used in weapons paintball.Ini four types of systems defend paintball markers shooting. These include electro-pneumatic combustion system, the mechanics of the combustion system, pumps and electro-mechanical weapons. Hopper, often referred to as a loader, used to hold the ball. Tanks used to store compressed gas to accelerate the balls that attaches to the paintball gun. Barrels used for paintball guns in many shapes, sizes and materials.

At the pump, semi-automatic and stock guns several important types of paintball guns. Stock guns using markers that require low levels of capacity and fire ammunition. Share class of weapons is also called a pump action paintball gun. These weapons are powered by bullets or cartridges cabondioxide 12 grams and a small reservoir of carbon dioxide. All weapons to keep the international border with 300 fps and the beach are 50 meters.

Currently, a wide range of paintball guns in different models are offered for sale on the market at affordable prices. For more information visit the website we provide to you, please, you can enjoy a new environment by means of paintball gun that we offer. If you do not understand all the products we offer, then so contact our team.

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