Thursday, May 3, 2012

First look at Spider-Man's The Lizard

First look at Spider-Man's The Lizard
Curt Connors' superbad pics online

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Well, tie us up in webs (not literally) and plonk a mask on our heads if it isn't - finally - a first proper peak at The Amazing Spider-Man's big bad in these two new stills from the film.

We've previously had a good look at Andrew Garfield in Peter Parker and Spidey guises in the trailer and this week's pics, and even laid eyes on webslinger blueprints. It'd be a surprise not to see the next trailer follow in the footsteps of these snaps and giving us a clearer look at what Spider-Man is up against in his origin story.

By the looks of those claws, it's nothing good. Science-enhanced, Rhys Ifans' Curt Connors has clearly turned himself into the kind of villain that could bring New York to its knees. You may know him as The Lizard.

The Amazing Spider-Man is out on July 4. Check back for the new trailer soon.

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