Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mark Webber Up For Angry Little God

Mark Webber Up For Angry Little God
Daniel Stamm directing thriller remake

Source: Variety

Mark Webber Up For Angry Little God

While the world of movie remakes isn’t actually based on an East/West tit-for-tat system, it sometimes feels like it. Just yesterday, word broke about a Japanese version of Unforgiven. Now it’s the turn of the West again, with Daniel Stamm plotting a take on Thai thriller 13: Game Of Death, retitledAngry Little God, that may star Scott Pilgrim’s Mark Webber.
Stamm, who directed The Last Exorcism, has worked with writing partner David Birke to craft a new version of the script, which they originally called 13.
Webber has been offered the role of an engaged man with cash-flow issues who learns he’s on a hidden camera game show with the chance to win more than $6 million if he successfully completes 13 tasks. He accepts, but soon realises he’s made a huge mistake. Despite thousands of dollars in cash arriving in his bank account, he’s being forced to carry out ever more terrible deeds. But can he get out of the game with his life?
Dimension Films is aboard to distribute the movie in America, and Stamm will work on it once he finishes his next job, horror movie The Darkness.
Webber has a few movies awaiting release, including Save The DateFor A Good Time, Call… and The End Of Love, which he wrote, produced, directed and stars in. He’ll also crop up in Uncanny and Jessabelle.

Source: EmpireOnline

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