Tuesday, July 2, 2013

James Franco Hears The Sound And The Fury

James Franco Hears The Sound And The Fury 
And he wants Jon Hamm to co-star

Source: LA Times

James Franco’s driving need to work on as many projects as he can without having to clone himself might not always work out for everyone – just ask the financiers behind the adaptation of The Garden Of Last Days, which he pulled out of directing recently – but it certainly means he’s a busy man. Franco now has a plan to work on an adaptation of William Faulkner’s stream-of-consciousness tale The Sound And The Fury.
It won’t be the first time he’s tackled the man’s work: his last effort on that front, As I Lay Dying, premiered at Cannes.
Set in Mississippi in the early 20th Century, Sound tells the epic story of the Compson family, a group of Southern aristocrats who fall on hard times. Franco wants to play a main role as well as directing the script he wrote with Matt Rager, who worked with him on As I Lay Dying.
And he has his eye on several co-stars already, with Jon Hamm firmly at the top of the wish list alongside likely easier scores Dave Franco and Danny McBride. Franco is looking to lock down the last few pieces of funding before filming can kick off, possibly by the autumn.
In the meantime, he’s set to act for Wim Wenders on Every Thing Will Be Fine and has completed filming on BukowskiHoly Land and True Story. He can currently be found on our screens in apocalypto-com This Is The End.

Source: EmpireOnline

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