Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Official Pic From Fury

First Official Pic From Fury
Brad Pitt and co say tanks for the memories

Source: David Ayer (Via Collider)

Right now, End Of Watch director David Ayer is in the filmmaking trenches, putting Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf and more through their paces for World War II tank thriller Fury. He’s beenposting images from the set via his Twitter account and has now put up the first official still of the leads sitting on the titular tank.
Pitt stars as an Army sergeant named Wardaddy, commanding a five-man beast of a vehicle fighting through Germany as the Nazi regime collapses in 1945. Despite its leadership crumbling, the Wehrmacht continues to be a big threat, and the crew of the tank face real challenges.
Ayer is making sure this one feels authentic, so we’re sure the cast will have plenty of actorly war stories to share once they’ve served their time. Michael Pena, Scott Eastwood and Jon Bernthal are also among the cast, with Ayer directing his own script and taking aim at a November 14, 2014 release in the US. There’s no word on when Fury will make it over here, but we’d guess at an early 2015 date.

Source: EmpireOnline

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