Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jurassic Park Concept Pitch Stalks Online

Jurassic Park Concept Pitch Stalks Online
Come fly (and die) with dinos

Source: YouTube (Via Shock Till You Drop)

Yesterday’s big news about the new Jurassic Park film being called Jurassic World – and set to arrive in 3D in 2015 – set us all thinking about more dinosaur action as the franchise continues. And while we got to pondering the idea of pterodactyls flying high as one possible plot line, turns out someone was also thinking about that concept, and brought it to vivid life for a pitch video. Take a look… 
The video itself was shown at the recent Celebration II Star Wars event in Germany. Created by concept artist Ian McCraig (the man who came up with Darth Maul’s trademark look), it’s either A) part of a pitch shown to Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy to help drum up new ideas for the future of the franchise or B) part of a since-cancelled game. We like option A), though producerFrank Marshall has been quick to point out on Twitter that this is not part of the film itself. So don’t go getting your hopes flying just yet.

Whatever terrible lizards and associated troublemakers show up, director Colin Trevorrow is now gearing up to make the film ready for a June 2015 release date.

Source: EmpireOnline

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