Monday, October 7, 2013

Danny Boyle Plans To Smash And Grab

Danny Boyle Plans To Smash And Grab
He's adapting a documentary

Source: Variety

Crime, it would appear, is never far from Danny Boyle’s mind. He’s not out stealing cars or pocketing wristwatches, but criminals are a running theme in many of his films. They’ll be the focus of a new project for the man who brought us Trance, as he’s attached to adapt documentary Smash And Grab: The Story Of The Pink Panthers as a film.
Pathe and Fox Searchlight are backing the new narrative piece, which will use last year’s documentary as a jumping-off point. Smash And Grab followed the world’s most successful diamond thieves, introducing the audience to the dark corners of the international jewel trade. Blending surveillance footage and interviews with gang members, it was an insightful peek into a shadowy subject.
So far, there’s no word on who will be working with Boyle on the film, though we’d expect to find the likes of regular writing collaborators John Hodge, Simon Beaufoy or Frank Cottrell Boyce in contention.
Boyle has several other possibilities floating around for his next film, including Trainspotting sequelPorno and coming-of-age tale Solomon Grundy.

Source: EmpireOnline

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