Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fresh Images From The Time Of The Doctor

Fresh Images From The Time Of The Doctor
It's nearly time...

Source: BBC America

Christmas is upon us and that can only mean one thing. No, not eating too much and hoping for the latest gadget: the new Doctor Who special! While we’ve been spoiled recently thanks to The Day Of The Doctor’s multi-Time Lord madness, The Time Of The Doctor will need to step things up once more. Some fresh imagery from the show has arrived.
The episode, which will be broadcast on Christmas Day, finds the Doctor and Clara drawn to a mysterious, but seemingly quiet backwater planet where the universe’s deadliest species have gathered. What could possibly be the big, terrible plan this time?
We do know, however, that this will represent Matt Smith’s final regular dash around time and space before he hands over to Peter Capaldi’s regeneration and things get a whole lot swearier in the TARDIS (probably not. Still a family show and all). And given that it’s the Chrimbo episode it will naturally kick off with some snow and celebrations.
A new trailer for the Beeb’s Christmas output is also online, which features a brief new glimpse at the episode. Warning: contains soap. 
Source: EmpireOnline

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