Monday, January 13, 2014

Sam Neill & Adrien Brody Will Backtrack

Sam Neill & Adrien Brody Will Backtrack
For a new thriller

Source: Screen International

Some moves, especially the really big ones, like to give you such advance notice that it feels like you’re seeing imagery and trailers for decades before they arrive. Other, smaller titles usually prefer to sneak into production then put out a release. Such is the case with Australian thriller Backtrack, which is now shooting, and stars Sam Neill and Adrien Brody.
Writer-director Michael Petroni has crafted a film that finds a psychologist's life thrown into chaos when he learns his patients are all ghosts from an accident that occurred 20 years previously. Serious shades of The Sixth Sense, then, from a film that also stars Bruce Spence, Robin McLeavy, Jenni Baird and Anna Lise Phillips. Though that reference is not a big spoiler – it’s merely the jumping off point for the plot.
Petroni, who directed 2002’s Till Human Voices Wake Us has more recently been known for his scriptwriting work, tackling the screenplays for such films as The Rite and The Book Thief (the latter of which arrives here on February 14).
Neill was last seen in the Beeb’s Peaky Blinders and is part of the cast for A Long Way Down, due out on March 7. Brody has worked on American Heist and Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, which coincidentally will also release here on March 7.

Source: EmpireOnline

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