Monday, June 16, 2014

New Red Band Let's Be Cops Trailer Arrives

New Red Band Let's Be Cops Trailer Arrives
They are the law! But not really...

Source: 20th Century Fox

All involved with the new comedy Let’s Be Cops will be hoping that the combo of wacky police action and lots of NSFW dialogue / behaviour can channel some of 22 Jump Street’s success. We’ll find out soon enough, but for now the latest Red Band trailer for the film is online, featuring plenty of bad words, worse decisions, drug references and more. 
Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. – more used to sharing the small screen in the most recent season of US sitcom New Girl – are here best pals Ryan and Justin, who don’t seem to be finding much success in their professional or romantic lives. When they mistakenly show up to a masquerade party in rented store-bought police uniforms, it would appear to be a low point.
But then Ryan suggests embracing the cop angle, and pretending to be police officers to see what impact it has on their lives and luck. At first, it appears to be a boon for the pair, but it soon turns dangerous when they get mixed up in a very real, very high-stakes case.

Nick Greenfield co-wrote and directed the comedy, which also features Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev, James D'Arcy, Andy Garcia and Keegan-Michael Key. It'll be out here on August 27.

Source: EmpireOnline

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