Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Annabeth Gish's Monica Reyes Returning To The X-Files

Annabeth Gish's Monica Reyes Returning To The X-Files
She'll pop up in an episode

Source: Variety

The short run of new X-Files episodes planned for early next year is becoming something of a reunion, with a variety of old faces from the show’s original run popping up. Even some we all thought were dead. You can add FBI Agent Monica Reyes, played by Annabeth Gish to the list, with word that she’s on for an episode
Reyes, alongside partner John Doggett (Robert Patrick, who has not been mentioned as returning – yet) appeared on the show in the final couple of seasons, taking over the main workload from David Duchovny’s Mulder and Gillian Anderson’s Scully, particularly after Duchovny left the show towards the end. They were controversial additions to a series that fans were already worried was disappearing into its own mythology, but it’ll still be good to see Reyes back and catch up with the character who, like Mulder, was a believer in all things paranormal.
Little is known about the plots for the six new episodes, aside from the fact that they’ll blend recurring mythology elements from the show’s history with new stand-alone stories created by Chris Carter and some of the original writing staff. Alongside Duchovny and Anderson, returning actors include William B. Davis (the Cigarette Smoking Man), Mitch Pileggi (Skinner), Dean Haglund (Langly), Tom Braidwood (Frohike) and Bruce Harwood (Byers). And they’ll be joined by the likes of Lauren Ambrose, Joel McHale, Robbie Amell, Rhys Darby and Annet Mahendru. The show will be back, on US screens at least, on January 24 next year. 

Source: EmpireOnline

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