Monday, July 4, 2016

New poster for The Girl With All The Gifts

New poster for The Girl With All The Gifts

You may have already seen the first trailer for post-apocalyptic drama The Girl With All The Gifts – if not, it's helpfully hanging out at the bottom of the page. Here now is the poster for the movie, featuring the likes ofPaddy ConsidineGlenn CloseGemma Arterton and newcomer Sennia Nanua.

Set in a world where people have been afflicted with a condition that turns them into what are known as "hungries", this zombie-with-twist film is adapted by writer Mike Carey from his own novel.
Nanua is Melanie, a young hungry-human hybrid being held in a facility for study and cared for by Arterton's conflicted teacher Helen Justineau. Close's Doctor Caroline Caldwell is developing a vaccine for the condition spreading across the country, while Considine is Eddie Parks, a sergeant in the team trying to keep the human safe from the hungries. He's got no time for compassion, but there's a chance Melanie could represent something new and a ray of hope for humanity.
Peaky BlindersColm McCarthy is directing this one, which will be out in the UK on September 23.

Source: EmpireOnline

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